MORE CLASSES COMING IN 2016… Join Fitness Trainer Wayne Burns and inspiration Angela Morrell (Angela has lost over 160 lbs in 2 years) for a MASTERPIECE CLASS SERIES. Come and hear Angela’s inspiring and encouraging story of going from felling hopeless about her weight to completing her first Half Marathon. You will quickly understand that her transformation is not about weight lost […]

Carrying Around a Full Grown Man

As of August 25, 2014, Angela Morrell hit a milestone and has dropped over half her body weight since our first meeting on November 20, 2012.   She has lost as much as I CURRENTLY WEIGH – Like she was carrying a WAYNE BURNS ON HER BACK!   I am so proud of her intentional daily living in the […]

The First Masterpiece Forum

This is the very first MASTERPIECE FORUM  – Wayne & Angela talk about their journey and the lessons they’ve learning working together for over a year – it’s very raw and fresh and very honest and sometimes that’s the best kind of presentation. Masterpiece Forum – February 22, 2014 from Wayne Burns on Vimeo.