Team Obstacle Challenge

A Unique Team Building Event

Fellowship of Christian AthletesFortified Fitness are partnering together all year round to present an encouraging and challenging team obstacle challenge event for athletes in Middle Tennessee & beyond!
Warrior Ready Lifestyle
At Fortified Fitness, we love to team up with young people and encourage them that they have been created with amazing potential! We use physical obstacles & challenges to talk about important life skills such as strength, endurance, balance, agility, stability, strategy and teamwork. 
Learning to Overcome Obstacles!
Our team of coaches will encourage athletes to look beyond sports and learn to live an Warrior-Ready Lifestyle, to set goals and intentionally train in every area of their life (mentally, physically, nutritionally and spiritually). We will learn to overcome obstacles in the gym, in sports, and in life and in turn encoruage others in the same way!

Contact WAYNE BURNS today to book your 1.5 hour Team Building Event (you can schedule an optional :30 extra for a coach led teaching/devotional time) EMAIL / 615-202-2486

  • Limited dates available: First come first serve – Contact us to find an event time that fits your team’s schedule. 
  • Event Cost: $10 per participant ($100 event minimum)
  • Deposit Required to Reserve Date: $100 deposit  – deposit credits toward final balance of event
  • Fortified Ninja Warrior Obstacle Facility – 203 Southpointe Court, Murfreesboro TN – View in Google Maps
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A liability waiver must be completed for each participant – minors under age 18 must have liability signed by parent or legal guardian. Please complete online ahead of time in order to participate.