Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks is a form of art, preformed as a dance. Hanging from two pieces of fabric resembling curtains, one can climb, wrap the body into unique shapes, swing, spin, and drop.  Aerial silks improve the upper body, core, and overall strength as well as flexibility.



Aerial Silks Camps & Workshops

⭐️How will the Aerial Silks class program work?
The program will run on 12-week (or three month) cycles. Each cycle will focus on a variety of new skills while still incorporating previously learned skills. Each level of class will have its own focus and expectations as the progression moves on. At the end of the cycle, there will be an assigned day of testing to register for (details below⬇️⬇️⬇️)
⭐️How can a student advance to the next level?
At the end of each program cycle there will be a day (or two, if needed) where our coaches will host waves of testing. When you register to test, you will select a time slot which will be 30 mins long. Students are expected to arrive 15 minutes early in order to stretch with one of the coaches before testing begins—thus you will technically have a 45 minute session.
Up to three students can test during a time slot. Our lead Silks Coach will guide them through the test, keeping track of evaluations along the way. Coaches will contact parents in the next 1-3 days letting them know their student successfully completed the test. In the case that the test was not completed, coaches will offer advice as to what the student should focus on in order to advance during the next wave of tests.
It is required that students and parents contact or converse with our coaches before registration to see if the student is ready for testing.
If the student passes the advancement test, they will receive a certificate and a note will be added to their account in our system.
The student is now required to participate in intermediate classes at least twice per month.

If two consecutive months pass without this requirement being met, a warning will be issued, and after three months, the student will lose their certificate.
Students are also expected to complete weekly homework. Homework will consist of at home exercises that can be done in 30 mins, twice a week.

These requirements will assure that the new strength level is maintained, which is important as students will be learning more difficult and taxing tricks.

*Advanced class students must attend 3x per month and complete weekly homework 3 x per week. Advanced classes will be added after the next cycle.