Fortified Group Classes


FAMILY FITNESS: Some classes line up with our Kids Ninja Classes & Open Gyms so drop off the kids and come work out!!

We begin at each individual’s fitness level to progress towards personal goals of strength, endurance, stability and weight loss (if applicable). Fortified is a safe place to discover your God-given potential in connection with a supportive community. We work hard and have fun at the same time!  First visit is FREE for new clients

  • Learn proper movement & functional form
  • Building strength, efficiency and injury prevention
  • Increase agility, balance and mobility
  • We encourage INTENTIONAL fortified living – living on purpose
  • We encourage a healthy & positive view of fitness, nutrition and weight issues
  • We encourage a positive team atmosphere – join the fortified family


Fortified Group Class Options


> Fortified WERQ Cardio Dance Class –  Taught with low impact and high impact moves, this class is tailored to you to make you feel confident and comfortable! No pressure! This is your time to get away, work off some stress, burn some calories and have fun all within an encouraging group of people!  ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME! – more about WERQ



Fortified Group Circuit Training –  In our Group Circuit Training we rotate through a variety of exercises using kettles, body weight, free weights and machine exercises targeting opposing muscle groups. This class is totally customized and no two workouts are the same! We offer a well rounded full body workout with strengthening core stability, cardio endurance, overall balanced strength and dynamic movement etc. – ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME!


Adult/Teen Obstacle TrainingSpace is limited – reserve your spot! This class is for all fitness levels. For some this is a unique and different kind of work out, some are training hard for their next OCR Race, others are training for a ninja Warrior competition but all are training to be WARRIOR-READY for everyday life! Call Wayne Burns if you have any questions 615-202-2486



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**Please pre-register for the class times each week that you plan to attend to reserve your spot.

Client Reward Points –  1 point = $1

  • Referral Reward Points – you earn 20 REWARD PTS ($20) per referral that signs up for a pre-paid group package or One-on-One or Duet fitness training – 1 point = $1 – $10 towards your next purchase.
  • Book Online: book your session online you earn 1 POINT ($1) – collect at least 10 points and use towards your next purchase


hat people are saying about Fortified Fitness 

>read testimonials 

Alan / One-On-One Client

It's the best money I've ever spent on myself

Any of my friends who are looking to invest in yourself and in your health needs to contact Wayne Burns at Fortified. It's the best money I've ever spent on myself. I've been working with Wayne for almost a year and can tell a big difference. You will be glad you did.

Alan / One-On-One Training

I am Fortified!

After each session I leave mentally & physically drained but spiritually uplifted. It is the best feeling I experience that entire day.  I feel that I have accomplished something and invested in something that truly benefits me! That’s why “I am Fortified”!

Alan / One-On-One Training

Success will change your outlook

Success will change your outlook and approach. Feeling better throughout the day, and seeing the difference it was making, got me committed. Now, I look forward to those Monday & Friday early morning sessions.

Walter / One-On-One Training / Owner, Implant Dentistry of Middle Tennessee

Motivated to New Levels

I have been working with Wayne for a long time. Without question, he will work with you and motivate you to levels you never dreamed possible!

Brenda / Ladies Group Circuit

We are family!

I LOVE all the ladies in class... We are family!! Be spiritually encouraged as you step out in faith. I will be more than glad to go with you to your first visit. Come join me...

Brenda / Ladies Group Circuit

Lives are being changed...

They love to see lives being changed at Fortified Fitness. Exercise is the answer to so many health issues. My joints are stronger, my stamina is better not to mention how I feel! Please consider doing something for your self that will help you live a healthier lifestyle...

Brenda / Ladies Group Circuit

Age is just a number!

I can't control whether I get cancer again but I CAN control the choices I make about my diet and exercise - Fortified Fitness was the answer for me! I was very intimated about going because of my age... but with the expertise of Wayne Burns I am living intentional one day at a time. Age is just a number!

Kelly / Ladies Group Circuit

Having fun while working out!

I'm having so much fun while working out. It's great to workout with other ladies.

Allison / Ladies Group Circuit

Get out of your comfort zone!

To be the better mom and wife so you can have the energy, strength, stamina, and endurance. There couldn't be anyone else but Wayne Burns to help guide me through each exercise, to show, motivate and encourage. Getting out of your comfort zone is okay. I have lost 12 pounds in 11 weeks, since my first day at Fortified Fitness! If you're ready to make a change Fortified Fitness is the place to be!

Jill / Ladies Group Circuit

Great for all fitness levels!

Great for all fitness levels! Community, coaching, and support!

Nicole / Ladies Group Circuit

The classes are fun and energetic!

A great place to work out. Very flexible time schedules so that everyone has a chance to make it regardless of their work schedule. The classes are fun and energetic just like the instructor Wayne! I couldn't imagine working out anywhere else!

Tina / Ladies Group Circuit

Accountability is the key for me

Awesome place to get healthy and have fun at the same time. Coach Wayne is amazing as he explains, what effect the exercise will have on the body. The accountability is the key for me to stay on task, as he sets up, "30 day challenges" every month, to stay on track and be intentional in all areas of my life. I have been coming here since December 21, 2014, and will continue to, since I've seen positive changes in my health and body. #lovefortitedfitness

Allison / Ladies Group Circuit

A Safe, Comfortable, Non-Intimidating Place

I was quickly approaching the "Big 40" and was ready to make a change. The grandfather I never knew had passed away of a heart attack at 55. It's okay to put yourself first , especially when it's your health. Fortified Fitness is a safe, comfortable, non-intimidating place to make that change. To watch small changes become bigger ones.