WayneCircleBeing a Fitness Training Professional I love to train people and coach people along to reach goals. You can set and reach personal goals on your own with the proper plans, tools and accountability. Many people stop an exercise commitment before they even start because they don’t know WHAT to do and feel overwhelmed. We want to be a resource for you in to reach your goals – we will set community goals regularly that anyone can join and participate in.

Feel free to contact Wayne with questions about any exercise or proper form (615-202-2486 / email).

We wanted to share a resource list for challenge participants to reference when planning out your daily workout:

PUSH   |   PULL   |   ABS   |   LOWER BODY   |   CARDIO

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• EXERCISE FORM: our bodies have built-in designed limits we need to keep our body within to avoid injury or overuse – make sure you set out to learn & focus on proper form – stability with your abdominals – neutral spine (don’t hyperextend passed safe limits) – think tall – proper range of motion

• SYMMETRY: It’s important to make sure you are working your body out in a balanced way to create overall strength and balance and to avoid injury. For example, for every pull exercise you should have a push exercise. Balance your workouts with upper and lower body movements.

• PROPER BREATHING: The American College of Sports Medicine recommends exhaling when the exercise is most challenging (concentric phase) and inhaling when the exercise is easiest (eccentric phase) – this will prevent you from holding your breath and will give your body more strength and force through breathing.


Get Some Simple Equipment

To get started think about making an investment in your health and fitness – here’s a list of simple equipment to get started with to do most of these exercises at home without going to the gym (these are our favorites).

• body weight – you can do many exercises without any equipment at all – just body weight

• a good pair of athletic shoes / good support

• resistance bands

• simple set of kettles

• hand weights or dumbbells 

• med balls

• BOSU ball• stability ball

• furniture sliders (use on slide floor for guidance and sliding exercises)

• jump rope


• push ups – modified on knees
• bench press
• machine press
• alternating overhead press – kettles / dumbbell / resistance band
• skull crusher – dumbbells / resistance band
• overhead thruster – squat with over head press – bar / kettle / dumbbell
• bent over tricep extension – dumbbell / kettle / resistance band
• tricep press down – resistance band
• tricep dips


• upright rows – kettle / resistance band
• bicep curl – kettle / dumbbell / resistance band
• wiper curls – hold weight and move up/down nonstop motion
• hammer curl – hold weight palms parallel to sides
• renegade row – alternate weight pull in plank position (dumbbells)
• bent over rows – dumbbell / kettle / resistance band
 front raises – dumbbells / kettles / resistance band
• lateral (side) raises  to side – dumbbells / kettle / resistance band
• machine lat pull down
• reverse fly – bent over lift arms out to sides (dumbbell / kettle / resistance band
• pull ups or assisted pull ups
• stability push ups / alternate push ups – on BOSU
• reverse row – pull body up to bar


• leg raise – lie on back raise legs
• mountain climbers – can add furniture sliders on slick floor
• mountain climber cross overs
• band curl up – resistance band around feet lying down and roll body up
• sit up / weighted sit up – kettle / dumbbell
• bicycle crunches
• v-sits
• ab crunch – hands to knee / elbow to knee
• ab sit up or crunch with cross punch
• umpa – plank hold lifting alternate legs & arms
• renegade row – alternate weight pull in plank position
• plank with shoulder touches
• plank slide – in and out with furniture sliders
• supermans – face down lift / hold / release – hands and legs
• reverse supermans – lay on back and lift legs and extended arms
• anchored flutters – on back hold weight overhead and flutter feet
• scissors – on back big flutters with feet
• scissor crunches – lift legs higher
• bird dogs – on hands & knees alternate pointing alternate hand/leg
• russian twist – crunch and twist body – can add kettle or med ball
• side plank pull through – can add dumbbell
• plank jacks – jump hands and legs out and back
• straight arm plank with jumps or steps – both legs out and in
• side plank with leg lifts
• plank roll outs – on furniture sliders or stability ball
• swimmers – face down alternate hands and legs
• inch worm walkouts – walk body out to plank position
• crab crawls – crawl on hands and heals
• lying side crunch – lay on back and roll knees to sides
• vertical leg crunch – lift legs up off the ground with knees bent


• mountain climbers – can add furniture sliders on slick floor
• one legged deadlifts – can add furniture slider w/one leg on floor
• mountain climber cross overs
• donkey kicks
• body weight squats – add kettle or dumbbell
• step ups – add kettle or weight
• lunges – add resistance band
• walking lunges – add resistance band
• reverse lunge – add resistance band
• reverse lunge with twist – add med ball or kettle
• thruster  squat and push weight overhead as you stand – with kettles or dumbbells
• body weight squat – make sure you sit back keeping knees lined behind feet
• wall squats
• goblet squat – hold weight at chest – dumbbell / kettle
• band abduction squats – step out to side – band
• the flamingo – alternate hops on one foot
• leg press machine
• single-leg machine press
• deadlift – bar / kettle / dumbbells / resistance band
• single leg deadlift
• star jumps – squat and jump hands & legs out & back
• jump rope
• jumping jacks add resistance band
• flights of stairs add weight
• frog jumps
 glute bridges
• one-leg glue bridge – add stability ball


• high intensity walking
• walking
• running hills
• running
• sprinting
• mountain climbers
• bear crawls
• crab crawls – crawl on hands and heals
• burpees
• jumping jacks
• the flamingo – alternate hops on one foot
 flights of stairs / stadium stairs
• step ups
 jump rope
• frog jumps
• stepper machine
• elliptical
• rowing machine
• bike riding
• spin bike
• cardio classes
• boxing
• swimming
• water aerobics


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