Masterpiece Seminars

Masterpiece Seminars

Join Fitness Trainer Wayne Burns and inspiration Angela Morrell (Angela has lost over 160 lbs in 2 years) for a MASTERPIECE CLASS SERIES. Come and hear Angela’s inspiring and encouraging story of going from felling hopeless about her weight to completing her first Half Marathon. You will quickly understand that her transformation is not about weight lost but about living out a trusting and vibrant relationship with God within His designed boundaries.

Through this series you will learn more in-depth about the Truth of God’s design, the purpose for food & fitness, how to take stock of where you are, choosing some intentional goals and priorities, and make some traction towards a strong & vibrant life that will encourage others.

Everyone is invited.



The purpose of this class is to go in depth into subjects on God’s design & boundaries.

Topics covered include:

OUR STORY Come hear about Angela and Wayne’s story, how they met, how God is using them and hear Angela’s encouraging testimony about weight lost and the full life she has found. We hope you will be encouraged find traction in your own story.

NUTRITION  Food: fuel for the body. Intentional Eating. The purpose of calories in relation to weight loss & healthy energetic living.

EXERCISE & ACTIVE LIFESTYLE – Proper & Safe Movement – the importance of living an active lifestyle, where to start, learning to set goals and following through with them.

SPIRITUAL LIFE – “BE STILL” & KNOW HE IS GOD – He truly is the answer to every struggle we have – He is our Designer, Creator and Sustainer. He is the starting point for each day and when we get “off,” He is the plumb line. We will talk about the importance of spending daily time with God – knowing Him and in turn knowing who we are and finding value in that. We will learn to live & thrive according to His boundaries and design.

– We will help you learn to customize and apply the concepts covered in the class to your life. We will talk about the importance of living in community & accountability with others. The goal is to simplify, encourage and empower you so that you can then turn love and encourage others.
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