It Works!

I started using My Fitness Pal 75 days ago.


Today I went to the doctor, who was very pleased to see that I had lost 23 pounds since my last visit 3 months ago.

I haven’t exercised as much as I need to, and there were about 3 – 5 days I went over my calories for the day, but with doing it one day at a time, not looking back, not looking forward, I am feeling more confident (because of being able to stick with it), I have more mobility and I have more energy.

Thanks to Wayne & Angela for sharing your journey.




 A Tool to Keep Track of Where you are on your journey…

At Fortified Fitness and in the MASTERPIECE Seminars,  Angela and Wayne meet with people about losing weight, one of the first things we talk about is tracking calories. To many counting calories feels restrictive and like a prison. We try to challenged people to look at it from a different perspective.

Sometimes we use the analogy of blindfolding someone, spinning them in a circle, and then asking them to hit a target. What are the chances that person would hit the bulls eye – or even the target!? You need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight, how will you know if I have created a deficit if I don’t know how many calories you are putting into your body?

> Read more about Angela’s view on counting calories:  Counting Calories – Prison or Tool?




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live out loud…

One of the reason why we wanted to create this site was to have a place where resources could be shared, stories could be told and we could exchange tools with one another to spur one another on and encourage one another, connect with one another.

We have opened up the site for people to submit their stories and victories how ever big or small. So, if you have a positive story or experience you’d like to share about being intentional in you fitness, nutrition and spiritual life please submit your story at: