I am in better shape than 5 yrs ago…


I am sharing this not because it’s good but because I would like for you to be encouraged as much as I am encouraged.

I have just run these 2 miles after a month of not running

First I had a hurt foot, then I had a hurt back, then I had a sore throat, now I have a cold. I did not go to my workout class for 13 straight days and have not been regularly for a month.

However, I realized on my recent birthday that I am in better shape now than I was 5 years ago, and maybe in many, many years. While my weight is still not where I want it to be, my doctor has taken me off of blood pressure medication.

I say all this so that you will know you too can do it.

Don’t put it off and allow yourself to be miserable as long as I did. One of my biggest motivators was to get myself healthy because of the current state of the health crisis in our country.

Whatever your reason, start today.

You can do it! And there is lots of help available!
– Annette