Thankful for God’s Provision

You have been so encouraging, loving, supportive and excited with me along this journey I am on. However you have contributed (smiles, kind words, encouragements, meals, prayers, financially, HUGS, exercising together, friendship, questions – opportunities to share, reminders of Truth) – they are all appreciated and so treasured to me!! Thank you!

It is kind of long but I had a lot to share. If you don’t have time to read it all, skip to the last paragraph…..that is what matters most!!


Hello Everyone!  

I wanted to share this picture with all of you on GoFundMe. It is a picture of me the night before I started on this journey of health and a picture of me in the last couple of weeks. It is truly a miracle! I am amazed and thankful each and every day. I was so emotional the whole week we first put these pictures together.

I want to say thank you to all of you who contributed to my surgery. EACH and EVERY gift is precious to me. Every time I got a notification that a donation had been made, I was amazed, emotional and thankful. I thought of you and how much it means to me that you would sacrifice financially for me. To know that this many people were excited with me and willing to give is overwhelmingly beautiful. Each gift will be forever treasured by me. Thank you for celebrating with me! Thank you for praying for me!

I am doing well!

angelaBEASTI went for all my follow-up appointments with my surgeon (He is another beautiful provision from God). I don’t go back again until the one year anniversary of the surgery – March 6, 2015. My body is healing well and I am free to pursue full activities again. I am enjoying classes at Fortified Fitness, running again – running the Bruce Gilley RUN FOR HIM 10K in September), rebuilding endurance and strength, and excited about new challenges – learning what my body will do. I feel great! My incisions look really good. My body is so different with the skin gone. My head is still trying to wrap around all the changes. I’m still getting used to the weight being gone and now the skin too – it’s beautifully crazy!!!

I will plan to have another surgery at some time in the future.

There are a couple of areas that still have excess skin, but it was too much to do in one surgery. Because the GoFundMe goal was reached and surpassed, there are some funds still in there to begin the funds for the next surgery. You are all so wonderful. I had someone a couple of months ago give me $300 to put toward the next surgery. It is amazing to me how many of you care, continue to care so much and have been and are willing to give money to help me.

This whole journey has been and continues to be an incredible experience.


God has provided for me in so many ways! He brought me a husband who has loved me for over 30 years, regardless of my size.  Allen has been supportive in many different ways – too many to name – walking beside me my whole adult life – growing together – by the power of His grace! I love that we get to journey together! God gave me children who love me, encourage me and support me – celebrating with me all along the way.
Cheyenne and Elijah – I love you! He gave me a beautiful mom and 3 beautiful sisters (Anne, Amy, and Alisa) who love and support me, individually and all together. Thank you for all your help and for loving me my whole life (and Daddy too – already in Heaven)! I am blessed with a wonderful
immediate and extended family!

angelakidsHe gave me Steve Austin ( and Michelle as great friends, teachers of truth, and accountability partners – loving me, challenging me. Michelle, did we really run a half marathon – that’s crazy!!

God has given me so many new friends all along the way. I have met lots of wonderful people. What a beautiful community of people (some local and some from a distance) I am surrounded by. God has also blessed me with a workplace full of caring, supportive people. I am privileged to share my days with wonderful students, faculty and friends. I considered it a blessing each and every day.

God divinely orchestrated Wayne Burns into my life. We have partnered together on this journey to health, beginning that day on November 20, 2012. He has been there all along the way – never giving up on me – as he promised – leading me, teaching me, challenging me, pouring truth into me, giving of his time, being available, being there – as he promised he would. We have learned much and continue to learn together. We love the opportunities He gives us to share what we have learned with others – sharing information and HOPE!!

photo 3

We plan to offer the Masterpiece Series again on MONDAYS in APRIL 2016. Wayne, there are no words to say thank you! I’m excited about however He wants to use our journey. God has changed me (and still is) – He has changed you (and still is)! Thank you for letting Him live His life through you! It has changed my life! Thank you for journeying with me and continuing to journey with me. You and Steph are so influential in my life. I love you both (and your boys)! Thank you both for loving me the way you do!! You are beautiful gifts in my life!!

God gave me each of you on GoFundMe who have given financially for my surgery. What provision He provided for me through each one of you! I cannot say enough how overwhelmed I was watching the funding coming in and I continue to be overwhelmed by it – I always will be! Another part of this beautiful testimony of His amazing goodness and provision! Thank you for the financial support, as well as all of the encouragement, prayers and sweet messages.

Most importantly, I am thankful for the provision God has given me in Himself.

What an awesome God we serve! He is a God of miracles! The provision through the Cross of Jesus is truly overwhelming!! May we seek Him and have revelation of all that was provided for us on that Cross and His Resurrection – salvation, freedom, power, forgiveness, holiness, beauty, deliverance, healing, hope, abundant life, everlasting love, indwelling of the Holy Spirit – too name a few. Talk about overwhelming!

Thank you Jesus for loving me! May You use this life for Your glory!

Angela Morrell

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