Small Group Classes

FAMILY FITNESS: Some classes line up with our Kids Ninja Classes & Open Gyms so drop off the kids and come work out!!

We begin at each individual’s fitness level to progress towards personal goals of strength, endurance, stability and weight loss (if applicable). Fortified is a safe place to discover your God-given potential in connection with a supportive community. We train in pursuit of quality of life. We work hard and have fun at the same time!

First visit to an adult fitness class is FREE for new clients.

  • Learn proper movement & functional form
  • Build strength, efficiency and injury prevention
  • Increase agility, balance and mobility
  • We encourage INTENTIONAL fortified living – living on purpose
  • We encourage a healthy & positive view of fitness, nutrition and weight issues
  • We encourage a positive team atmosphere – join the fortified family!

Fortified Group Class Options

Our Classes are for Adults and Teens – we want to encourage Family Fitness so bring your teens to workout with you!


Small Group Circuit Training – In our Group Circuit Training we rotate through a variety of exercises using kettles, body weight, free weights and machine exercises targeting opposing muscle groups. This class is totally customized and no two workouts are the same! We offer a well rounded full body workout with strengthening core stability, cardio endurance, overall balanced strength and dynamic movement etc. (All Fitness Levels)

Strongfirst Small Group Training –  Progressive Small Group Training is an advanced functional fitness class based on kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight. (Advance Training – All Fitness Levels – Requires Beginner Introduction – Contact us for more details)

OCR / Ninja Obstacle TrainingThis is a unique and super fun workout based on body weight and OBSTACLE training. Hanging, swinging, climbing, jumping, and much more. This fresh and unique approach to fitness will develop upper body strength, agility, balance and endurance. This is perfect training for your next OCR Race or Ninja Warrior Competition or just train to be WARRIOR-READY for everyday life! (All Fitness Levels)


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