Ninja Class Schedule

Ninja Warrior Training

Ninja Warrior Training teach patience, self-discipline, body awareness and functional fitness. We incorporate different exercises and challenges to develop strength, agility, stability balance & teamwork using ninja warrior style obstacles.

  • Mighty Little Warriors – AGE 3-5
  • Ninja Warrior Training – AGE 6-9
  • Ninja Warrior Training  – AGE 10-15
  • Ninja Warrior Training  – ADULT (16+)

Advanced Ninja Warrior Training (skills test required to participate) – This Advanced class will be designed for athletes who are moving beyond basic skills and are ready to move to the next level of the Ninja Warrior sport. A skills test is required to participate in this class. COMING SOON: We will be forming a Fortified Warrior Team for competitions from this group.

  • Advanced Ninja Warrior Training  – AGE 6-9
  • Advanced Ninja Warrior Training – AGE 10 – Adult
  • Advanced Ninja Warrior Training – AGE 16 – Adult


OCR (Obstacle Course Racing)

Adult / Teen Obstacle Training Some are training hard for their next OCR Race (join us for a fall target race), others are training for the next Ninja Warrior Competition (join us for an upcoming target Fortified Competition). But all are training to get stronger and be WARRIOR-READY for everyday life!

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