166 lbs lost yet so much gained!

2yrsLater_FortifiedBannerForever Changed

2 years ago on November 20, 2012,
I sat with Wayne Burns on his back porch and we had a conversation that was the beginning of a beautiful journey. Through this continuing journey, my life is forever changed.

3yearsangela166 pounds gone and yet so much has been gained!

166 pounds gone and yet so much has been gained! There are no words to thank you Wayne for allowing God to use you as His vessel in my life. You are a beautiful part of His provision for me. Your passion for Him and intimacy with Him flows out of you and draws others to Him! I am so thankful – overwhelmingly thankful for all He has done in you and through you in me and through me!

We are not the same! It is all Him – and for Him! 

We are not the same! It is all Him – and for Him! He has taught us so much! And I love how He is using our journey to encourage others – spreading His hope – what a joy! He brings beauty from ashes! I treasure our friendship, your leadership, teaming with you, journeying together, our seeking, learning truth from you and with you. You and Steph Burns have given of yourselves to me, loved me, journeyed with me, celebrated with me, shared yourselves with me, shared your family with me, sacrificed time for me, challenged me, listened to me, allowed me to be transparent with you, been transparent with me, and the list could go on and on and on – it does go on and on and on!

Thank you for not giving up on me! I love you both more than words can express!

Thank you God – I am overwhelmed by You!

– Angela Morrell