Transformed Into a Butterfly

“A butterfly never has to try to prove to anyone that it’s not a caterpillar anymore.” – Beckah Shae

I’m like a caterpillar, transformed into a butterfly
And these wings set me free, way high to the sky
Now that I can fly

Now everywhere I go, is where the wind blows

It’s been a long time comin I’ve pressed, oh here I come
A beautiful, radiant, painted with the colors of love
What this means is that those who believe in Him
Become a new person they are not the same anymore

For the old life has gone, the new life has begun
Who some once thought was a poor and simple man
Turned water to wine and multiplied
He healed the sick and told the dead to rise

And now I’m alive, don’t be deceived by your eyes
Since I have been raised, to new life
I set my sights, on the realities of heaven
Oh I found my real life
Hidden with Him in a new nature
Ruled by peace, clothed with humility love, patience,
Kindness and mercy
Like a passenger on the wings of an eagle
I ride on His wings soariing in His peace
Flying high towards the heavens, oh
I can hear much clearer up here
The wind sings a freedom song in my ears
Catching all the rainbows, too high to feel the storms
Now like a sweet perfume, spreading the fragrance of life
I hold the spirit that guides into all truth
I’ve been purified, by the love of Christ
I’ll never fully understand, how wide
How long, how deep, how high

“Butterfly” – Beckah Shae