Weight loss: simple, sustainable, bankable

Gods Design is BanableWeightloss according to God’s design of the body 

simple, sustainable, bankable. Food is fuel – Eat on purpose.

i hear some talk about tracking calories as “prison” or a burden BUT i would encourage you to look at it as a TOOL to measure your calorie intake. if you don’t know the truth of where you are each day, how are you going to know how to get where you want to go (a goal).

It’s like trying to get somewhere on a map but not having a starting reference point, you’ll end up wandering around lost and hoping you might get there (you probably won’t).


We need to be intentional – eat on purpose.

This is bankable for weightloss. It’s a revealing of the truth of what you are putting into your body each day. And that’s how it’s accomplish.

Screenshot 2014-05-30 09.47.11Do it today, then tomorrow, then do it again the next day.
One day at a time before you know it you’ll find you’ve made great strides.


TOOLS: Downloadable Apps for your Smartphone:




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