When you are oriented, standing further away from a large object, like say, a mountain or the moon, it seems small. As you move toward the object it “grows” bigger and bigger. But in actuality the object never changed. Just your perspective changed.

During our family devotion time the other night, my 9 year old son, Jayden, pointed out that concept when referring to how our perception of God grows bigger the closer we get to Him (but of course God’s size never changes our perspective does). I was like, “WHAAAAAAAT?” Out of the mouth of babes 🙂

This is a great picture of our relationship with Jesus. He is vastly big, bigger than we can even comprehend but our vision, our perspective of Him can be small. As a matter a fact, if you turn with your back to Him, if you are focused on your intimidating circumstances, you may not see Him at all from your perspective.

Peter experienced with this concept in Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus tells Peter to get out of the boat.

As Peter’s eyes were set on Jesus standing on the water, defying physics, showing the disciples, by His actions, how He was in control of everything around them, Peter could walk on the surface of the water.

Then there was the “enormous waves”. Dangerous, rolling white capped waves thundering around Peter.

In reality which was bigger? Jesus or the waves?

Really? Had all the disciples not witnessed His authority in other situations over and over again? But when the rubber hit the road Peter lost His focus on Jesus and sank.

Jesus reached out His hand to Peter. The focus changed for Peter! Now the very hand of Jesus was largely sufficient for his immediate rescue!  To Peter in that moment, Jesus’ hand was the size of a coast guard vessel.

What has your focus today?

Does anything your dealing with “look” bigger than Jesus?

Reality check… Nothing, I mean nothing, is bigger than our Savior! Let Him refocus your aperture!

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. – James 4:8 


Written by Wayne Burns


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