MASTERPIECE – Intentional Nutrition & Weight Loss Video!

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11903857_10206570379271928_5994225266509919004_nThe STRUGGLE at over 300 lbs was real for Angela but she realized that the REAL STRUGGLE was not making life changes and living intentionally within God’s designed boundaries, it was carrying the EXTRA WEIGHT of a FULL GROWN ADULT and all the mental and emotional baggage of the battle within!

Forget what you know/feel about food and exercise – let’s take a step back, clear away all the confusion about calories, diets and fads and let’s start again and seek the simple, sustainable, bankable TRUTH. Let’s learn to THRIVE!

About This Video: NUTRITION – Food: fuel for the body. Intentional Eating. Practical discussion about proper portion sizes and common misconceptions about food and “diet” programs. The purpose of calories in relation to weight loss and healthy energetic living.

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