Angela has beaten the odds & so can you!


Angela Morrell has done in the past 2 years what she and so many others have tried repeatedly, but never been able to do. She has chosen to live in the boundaries that God has designed for her one day at a time. The result has been amazing. Her body has used the stores of energy (excess weight) and through this day by day journey, she has reached the optimum size that she is able to thrive at.

3130048_1423289689.7306_funddescriptionAngela is a servant.

Angela is a servant. I have watched her tirelessly encourage others on their journey. As she has lived out loud, she has been given a ministry to walk with others down the same path to physical freedom she is now experiencing.When we sat down on November 20, 2012 she weighed 316 pounds. As of this spring her weight is 142 pounds which is a 174 pound weight loss.

Angela has had her surgery and it was a success! Thank you to all who supported her in so many ways!

-Wayne Burns, Fortified Fitness

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