The classes are fun and energetic!

A great place to work out. Very flexible time schedules so that everyone has a chance to make it regardless of their work schedule. The classes are fun and energetic just like the instructor Wayne! I couldn’t imagine working out anywhere else!

Accountability is the key for me

Awesome place to get healthy and have fun at the same time. Coach Wayne is amazing as he explains, what effect the exercise will have on the body. The accountability is the key for me to stay on task, as he sets up, “30 day challenges” every month, to stay on track and be intentional in all […]

A Safe, Comfortable, Non-Intimidating Place

I was quickly approaching the “Big 40” and was ready to make a change. The grandfather I never knew had passed away of a heart attack at 55. It’s okay to put yourself first , especially when it’s your health. Fortified Fitness is a safe, comfortable, non-intimidating place to make that change. To watch small changes become […]